Welcome to Elim Trust

Elim Trust (ET) is a registered trust and Non-Government Organization with a mission to promote positive attitude, policies, and practices toward the Adolescent Girls & Young Women (AGYW) that will enhance safety for women and improve gender equity within African institutions and community setups. Our work influences institutional policies, builds public awareness, and changes attitudes and behavior towards girls and women.

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Elim Trust

Community psycho-social support, capacity building and advocacy & communication.

We Do

We support the rapid improvement and expansion of access to high quality, essential mental wellness for all who need it by improving institution and community based psycho- social support and by building capacity of leaders to enable the mitigation of psycho-social challenges facing communities in Kenya.

We Strive For

We envision a Kenya in which all individuals have equitable access to high-quality mental health care, enabling them to live healthy and productive lives with dignity and equal opportunity.


Achieve and sustain a reduction in the number of psycho-social related challenges leading to mental illness and children abuse related cases in Kenya to turn the tide of the pandemic.